Fish fingers

Having a hangover on a Monday morning is the worst but not being able to indulge in my usual bacon roll from Wright’s Bar takes the (gluten free) biscuit! 🙂

So yesterday, after a hard, baconless day at work, I decided to make myself a comforting dinner and try out some gluten free fish fingers.  The ones I’d bought were Young’s Omega 3 ‘free from’ fish fingers from trusty Ocado.

The verdict:

2016-02-29 20.52.18 (2) (2)
Just because you’re eating fish fingers doesn’t mean you can’t take pride in the presentation!
  • Lovely and crispy at first but then become really chewy and the ‘breadcrumbs’ get stuck in your teeth.
  • The fish itself wasn’t the best either, although 100% fillet, it was very watery.

Overall I was a little disappointed, I think I had my heart set on them being as good as the regular BirdsEye ones I was used to or maybe I was hoping they’d have more of a helpful effect on my hangover! Either way, not the best but not the worst, next time I need a comfort food hug, I think I’ll throw in some potato waffles too.

I also did some investigating afterwards and BirdsEye don’t seem to do a gluten free range yet, which is frustrating. Get your act together Captain!!

On a side note, Wright’s Bar is one of London’s great family run, greasy spoons. Everything is made made to order and insanely cheap. I don’t think they cater well for us coeliacs but for everyone else, if you are looking for a cheap, decent breakfast in central London, Wright’s is the place to go.



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