Sausage and mash

I finally found some gravy granules that are suitable for those with coeliac disease, so tonight I had sausage and mash for my dinner.

I cooked up some carrot, potato and swede mash, gluten free Quorn sausages, tender stem broccoli and peas to ‘pair’ with the gravy.

Bisto Best (caramelised onion) tastes the same as regular gravy granules but unlike the majority, doesn’t contain any pesky wheat flour. I’m not a massive fan of Quorn sausages but they are healthier than proper ones, so beggars can’t be choosers and the gravy makes them taste loads better. Bisto Best is more expensive than the standard stuff but a couple of teaspoons go a long way, so worth the investment.

Top tip: mix in some real caramelised onions, it makes you feel less guilty for using cheating granules instead of home made.



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