Reintroducing gluten -week 1 tips

For the next 5 weeks, ahead of a gut biopsy, I have to reintroduce gluten into my diet, as explained by this woman from Coeliac UK:

After one week, I’ve got some tips that might help someone going through the same thing.

1. Drink beer (in moderation)

I told myself I was going to continue to exclude beer throughout this process but that all changed when I walked into a pub that sold Adnams Dry Hopped lager – I fell off the wagon in a big way.


The next day was horrendous, I barely managed to leave my house and not because I was hungover but because my stomach was in a very bad place.

I do not advise you to have a night on the beers after months of no gluten. Unlike me, be sensible, try just having the odd pint so you get the gluten but without the carnage it comes with.

2. Plan your gluten

Now I have endless ‘free from’ products it’s actually quite difficult to include gluten in my diet, so I’ve had to plan my meals to make sure I’m getting some.

As per Coeliac UK’s advice, you should include it in at least 2 meals a day, which I found is actually more than I would have done before the diagnosis! I’ve opted for just buying a load of pasta and bread, meaning that my lunch and dinners are pretty boring but at least I know I’m definitely getting what I need.


3. Give yourself a break

It’s really hard being forced to eat something that makes you feel so ill all that time, especially if it start to effects your day-to-day life.

This week I had a big presentation to do at work, and if you’re like me, nerves don’t help at all. So the day before decided it would be best to give the gluten a rest. I had colleagues ready to take over if I had a sudden attack but thankfully, having a day off it did the job and it was totally fine.



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