Pizza Express

Before I got diagnosed with coeliac disease Pizza Express was regularly a means to an end in my life. One of the very few big chain restaurants that actually provides you with decent food at a reasonable price*, it very much served it’s purpose for me (usually to soak up too much booze).

So I’m pleased to say that ‘old faithful’ has a brilliant gluten free menu, which I tried for the first time at the Kennington branch a couple of weeks ago.

After getting carried away drinking gf beer in The Ship on Kennington Road (they sell Nick Stafford’s Hambleton Ales gluten free lager by the way), we arrived at Pizza Express starving. Unfortunately after we were seated our order wasn’t taken for so long time, my friend had to go and ask someone to come over! Once we did get some service however, the waiter was really great at explaining what I could have and that all pizzas can be made with a gluten free base. He also pointed out that they have gluten free beer and have now introduced gluten free dough balls. DOUGH BALLS!

So I ordered the dough balls to start (who doesn’t) and my usual Pollo ad Astra but with a gluten free base.

When our balls arrived I was pissed off to discover that you only get 6 gf dough balls compared to the regular 8. Absolute bullshit! I thought Pizza Express was all about consistency?! Outrageous! (This has touched a nerve with me).

Luckily the pizza itself was really good and apart from the base, no different to the regular ones I’m use to.

I will continue to use Pizza Express as and when I need to but plan on campaigning hard to get equal dough ball rights for coeliacs. Down with dough ball discrimination!

*I include Nandos and Byron in this group but have yet to eat there as a gf-er.


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