I must admit I rarely bought my lunch from Eat even before my diagnosis but today I was in a rush in an area with little diversity, so I popped in hoping they’d be a salad I could have.

First of all, I just want to say well done to Eat! They might be the only big chain who have made it really easy for a coeliac to identify what exactly is gluten free or not.

Each item, for which there are plenty is clearly labelled with a large ‘I’m gluten free’ sign, when usually you have to examine the ingredients carefully before knowing what’s what.

I chose the hot smoked salmon and potato salad, which is mini but only £2.99. You get plenty of deliciously smoked salmon and a really filling salad made up of potato, muki beans, peas and leafs. The only downside was that the Dijon dressing was way too oily for me. Not the end of the world though.


Unfortunately Eat’s website doesn’t tell you which of the salads are gluten free but you can probably work it out from their list.

I’ll certainly be getting my lunch from Eat more often now, next on my list is their miso and tahini beef.



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