Only a few days after discovering Eat’s gluten free offering, Leon comes along raises the bar. Pretty much everything on Leon’s menu is gluten free. Seriously, even the puddings!

Overexcited by the quantity of gf options available, I ended up buying far too much for lunch today – Thai green chicken curry ‘hot box’, baked fries (with chili sauce) and a billionaire’s shortbread.

The hot boxes are enormous, great at value for 6ish quid. The Thai green curry itself was creamy and flavoursome without being overbearing, it also comes with a fresh salad made up of cabbage and peas (kind of like a slaw but without mayo).

The fries and billionaire shortbread were an unnecessary but delicious edition to lunch and I’ll certainly be buying them again but maybe on a hangover next time rather than as a side to an already very filling meal.

The menu on the Leon website shows you which items are gluten free (and low in saturated fat, low glycemic load, wheat free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, contains nuts) and goes in to detail about the ingredients in each, including allergens and calorie information. This is definitely one of the most thorough and useful websites I’ve seen.

Leon – thank you for being so great at creating fresh, healthy (minus the fries and cake) tasty gluten free food. You’ve made me a very happy coeliac, lunchtime on the high street is really starting to look up.



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