I’ve been a loyal customer of Dishoom since the first restaurant opened on St Martin’s Lane in 2010. Six years later and now a reluctant coeliac, I’m still as dedicated as a ever.

On Saturday, after walking the Parkland Walk, me and my friend Matt decided to refuel at the Kings Cross restaurant – the first time I’ve visited since d-day.

Miraculously there was no queue (probably because it was 3.30pm) and we were seated straight away. I asked for the gluten-free menu and was presented with one that highlighted everything gf and everything that could be modified (a sign of a great restaurant). Pleasingly there were lots of options, so we ordered lots of food:

  • Dishoom chicken tikka – OMFG
  • Gun powder potatoes – how I’m going to do all potatoes from now on
  • House black daal – not a fan of daal usually but this one is so good I make an exception
  • Chicken ruby – rich curry with a lovely warm kick
  • Kachumber – fresh salsa, perfect contrast to a spicy curry
  • Garlic naan (Matt’s order) – Me: is your garlic naan nice? Matt: Yeah, very.

The food and service never fails to impress and restaurants themselves are something to behold. If you don’t believe me, Dishoom even beat Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner to top Yelp’s best restaurant in the UK list!


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