I LOVE burritos but sadly there aren’t many places that do gluten free tortillas, so I’ve been sampling the alternatives around London and Poncho8 is the winner so far.


Unlike the Chilango, Poncho8 has a handy allergens list so it’s easy to choose what to have in your burrito box.

On my most recent visit to the New Street Square branch, I went for spicy pork with tomato rice, peppers and onions (instead of beans), salad, grated cheese, jalapenos, medium and hot sauce, finished off with a sprinkling of fried chorizo bits.

It may not look pretty but it tastes incredible!

Poncho8’s spicy pork is my absolute favourite filling. It’s so tender having been marinaded overnight, rich in flavour and mildly spicy. I also love that Poncho8  does fried chorizo as an extra, it really adds to the already deep flavour of the pork and even though it’s an extra £1, it’s totally worth it.

I highly recommend Poncho8 if you’re after a really tasty, filling lunch without any gluten worries. The food here also works miracles on hangovers. Enjoy!


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