A few weeks ago I spent the two days in Amsterdam and it was great! Not only because it’s beautiful, friendly and relaxing but also because Amsterdam caters very well for coeliacs.

I wasn’t there for long enough for a really extensive list of options but here are a couple of brunchy places I recommend visiting.


Stroom is a kind of a cafe/restaurant which does a really interesting range of breakfasts, paninis, wraps, eggs etc. You can customised each item and swap in THE BEST gluten free bread I have ever tasted!

We went to Stroom for breakfast and I ordered scrambled eggs with cheese, ham and gluten free bread.


It may not look like it in the photo, but that is actually a really big portion. The scrambled eggs were fresh, light and well seasoned plus they didn’t scrimp on the cheese and as I said, the bread was unbelievable! I hope all coeliacs get to try Stroom’s bread at some point in their lives.


Stroom’s website is sparse but you can find more information about it on their Facebook page.

Coffee & Coconuts

Our local friend recommended Coffee & Coconuts as a good place to have brunch and it certainly did not disappoint.

With lots of buckwheat on the menu I knew I was on to a winner and so I didn’t even need to ask the waiting staff for a gluten free one.

I ordered the coconut pancakes, made with almond and buckwheat flour and served with banana, red fruit compote and maple syrup. I added bacon for a savoury kick.


You can’t really see the pancakes in the photo because they are hidden by compote but there are actually three thick ones in there alongside fours rashers of bacon. Coffee & Coconuts are very generous with their portions!

This was one of the nicest brunches I’ve ever had, the pancakes were delicious, I’ll definitely attempt to make them at home. Adding almond flour to the mix really makes a difference. I washed it all down with a ‘watermelon love’ smoothie and a cup of ‘black treasure’ tea.


Based in a old cinema, Coffee & Coconuts is now a cafe/restaurant/art gallery with a relaxed atmosphere and very friendly staff.


Other recommendations

Here are a few other places our native friend recommended for gluten free options that unfortunately I didn’t have time try out.

  • Omelegg – an omelettery! The queues to this place were endless which I guess means it’s pretty good.
  • Bagels and Beans – they have lots of stores all over Amsterdam if you fancy a gluten free bagel.
  • Chipsy King – fries and mayo.
  • Moeders – traditional dutch food.
  • The Seafood Bar – fish and seafood

Another Amsterdam must eat are the tradition dutch stroopwafel (thin, toffee filled waffles) and having spent a day longingly watching my friends eating then, I found some delicious homemade ones at the Albert Cuyp Market.


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