The Athenian – UberEats

The on-set of freezing winter nights has meant less eating out and more ordering in! Armed with a money off code, I downloaded UberEats (use my code eats-35bnp to get £10 off your first order) and began looking at my options as a coeliac.

First up, The Athenian a souvlaki restaurant in Elephant and Castle.

Traditionally souvlaki is grilled meat, halloumi, salad etc. served in pita bread. However The Athenian also do gluten free boxes!

Just a small selection of the large gf range!

I ordered the GF box with chicken and halloumi, sat back and waited for it to arrive. Less than 30 minutes later it was at my door!


The portion size was so big, I had to transfer it from the box to a plate just so I could reach all the goodness!

Unfortunately the chicken was a little dry on this occasion but I put this down to how early I was ordering! The addition of fries and a ton of tzatziki made up for the chicken, so I’ll definitely be ordering from The Athenian again.

They also have branches in Shoreditch and the City so you don’t have to live in the South East to enjoy it!


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