Blighty India Cafe

Last Saturday I found myself in Seven Sisters looking for somewhere to have brunch, when I stumbled across Blighty India Cafe.

Although Blighty specialises in lovely, freshly baked bread, they also do gluten free sliced white so I didn’t miss out on toast with my fry-up.

I went for a full English with gf bread and it did not disappoint. The sausage was removed due to its gluten content but it didn’t matter – the breakfast arrived with a side of spicy beans, 2 fried eggs, 3 rashers of bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and black pudding!


The baked beans were definitely the highlight, especially because I could mop up all the sauce with the bread, a luxury I don’t usually have! The rest was great too, good quality and fresh, up there with the best fry-ups I’ve had.

Should I end up in Seven Sisters again I will definitely be making a return visit to Blighty.


Beyond Bread

Since I was diagnosed with coeliac disease I can’t count how many hundreds of people have told me about Beyond Bread, and so when I found myself in Fitzrovia at lunchtime last week, I finally decided to try it out.

2016-08-17 13.05.36

I was so impressed with the sheer volume of beautiful cakes, pastries, sandwiches, toasties etc. in such a small bakery and all gluten free. It’s a coeliac’s dream!


I went for a ‘wild thing’ baguette (salami, spinach, mozzarella and artichokes) and a chocolate chip muffin for good measure.

The sandwich was delicious, the baguette itself was one of the best gluten free ones I’ve had, it was way more ‘normal’ than all the usual gluten free alternatives, and the fillings were clearly of a very high standard and yummy.

The muffin tasted just like a regular chocolate chip muffin, which is high praise indeed as gluten free muffins are usually the worst.

A word of warning though, Beyond Bread is very expensive, it was £4.75 for a half size baguette (£5.70 if you eat in). Throw in the £2 muffin and I managed to spend £6.75 on what ended up being a pretty small lunch, albeit a tasty one.

I’ll definitely be getting my lunch from Beyond Bread again but maybe just on pay day.

Beyond Bread have two locations in London, Charlotte Place and Upper Street.