Street Monkey

As I travel a lot for work, I sometimes don’t have time to cook myself dinner and so rely on ready meals to see me through. Not the most healthy of habits, so I was delighted when I came across Street Monkey whilst browsing Sourced Market in St Pancras.


Street Monkey meals come as a set of three tiffin boxes, which include a curry, a side and a rice. Best of all, they are gluten, wheat, dairy free, are made with no artificial ingredients and use ethical meat.

I went for the Spicy Goan Coconut Beef curry set, which comes with a side of Chennai Aloo (chickpea and potato in a tomato sauce) and pea pilau rice.


You stick them all in the microwave for a few minutes and voila…your Indian feast is ready to eat.

IMG_20170709_172423 (1)

This Street Monkey meal was one of the best ready meals I’ve ever had. The sauce was rich and spicy and the beef was better quality than in some restaurants I’ve been to. I’ll certainly be buying one of these again.


Busaba Eathai – Deliveroo

Every Sunday hangover deserves a takeaway, so this week having noticed Busaba Eathai was now available for me on Deliveroo, I decided to treat myself to some Thai food.

Busaba handily indicates which dishes are gluten free on their menu, which makes it very easy – helpful when you’re feeling a little worse for wear.

I ordered the fish cakes with cucumber and peanut relish, green chicken curry, steamed jasmine rice and prawn crackers. It arrived about 25 minutes later, still piping hot.


As I served up, I was a disappointed with the curry’s sauce to chicken ratio, it was so wet the rice completely drowned and it only had about two pieces of chicken in it.

The fish cakes were average at best – greasy, rubbery and the dip was just sweet chilli sauce rather than the cucumber and peanut relish promised.

The curry itself tasted really good despite being mainly sauce, creamy and rich with a mild spice and the chicken was tender and juicy. Supposedly it should have contained aubergine as well but there was no sign of any.

Overall it did the job and helped me on my way to recovery but it’s weird that I can get Busaba in my area because there isn’t a restaurant anywhere near. I have a feeling they are letting a local kitchen cook on their behalf, which would explain why corners were cut and ingredients missed.

Again, if you want to try it for yourself you can get £5 off your first Deliveroo order by using my invite link: 


Before being diagnosed with Coeliac disease, I was a Theo’s regular even attending their opening night, so I absolutely was gutted when I had to stop eating there. Then a few weeks ago, my friend and I were discussing how great it was and he mentioned they’d developed a gluten free dough!!!


I promptly gave them a call and ordered a pizza for collection and voila, 10 minutes later I was chowing down on honestly the best gluten free pizza I have ever had.


I went for the Napoli Salami with added aubergine on a gluten free base. The ingredients they use at Theo’s are of the highest quality, including the dough which they’ve clearly spent some time developing as it tastes just like the regular stuff. The salami was peppery and crisp, mozzarella creamy and aubergine perfectly cooked. Finished off with spicy chilli and the freshest of basil, I was an extremely happy customer and am in danger of developing a pretty severe pizza habit to make up for lost time.

Choosing to have your pizza on a gluten free base will cost you an extra £3, which is a little steep but I’m very happy to continue to pay it so they keep doing it! Occasionally Theo’s pops up on Deliveroo, so if you live in Camberwell you can get £5 off your first order with my Deliveroo link: 

Motu Indian Kitchen – Deliveroo

I’d heard great things about Motu Indian Kitchen from other food bloggers so when I was faced with another freezing night, I thought I’d give it a go.

Indian food tends to be pretty good for gluten free options but it’s rare to find the allergens shown on the menu. Motu does though and all of the mains and most of the sides are gluten free – hurrah!!

I went for the Madras Prawn Masala, plain rice, poppadoms and a side of Kachumber Raita.


It arrived really quickly (big thanks to the very cold Deliveroo cyclist) so was still piping hot. At first I was a little worried about the portion size as it looked a bit small but I was just being a pig, once I plated it up it was the ideal amount for one.

The curry itself was amazing! Rich, flavoursome with just the right amount of spice. The kachumber raita was lovely – fresh and cooling unlike the usual bright green crap you get at bog standard takeaways.

Honestly this was one of the best Indian meals I’ve ever had, from a takeaway or a restaurant!

Motu is delivery only using Deliveroo and has kitchens in Camberwell and Battersea. So if you live in the area, I’d highly recommend you try it out. If you’re new to Deliveroo, you can get £5 off your first order by using my invite link: . Enjoy! 

The Athenian – UberEats

The on-set of freezing winter nights has meant less eating out and more ordering in! Armed with a money off code, I downloaded UberEats (use my code eats-35bnp to get £10 off your first order) and began looking at my options as a coeliac.

First up, The Athenian a souvlaki restaurant in Elephant and Castle.

Traditionally souvlaki is grilled meat, halloumi, salad etc. served in pita bread. However The Athenian also do gluten free boxes!

Just a small selection of the large gf range!

I ordered the GF box with chicken and halloumi, sat back and waited for it to arrive. Less than 30 minutes later it was at my door!


The portion size was so big, I had to transfer it from the box to a plate just so I could reach all the goodness!

Unfortunately the chicken was a little dry on this occasion but I put this down to how early I was ordering! The addition of fries and a ton of tzatziki made up for the chicken, so I’ll definitely be ordering from The Athenian again.

They also have branches in Shoreditch and the City so you don’t have to live in the South East to enjoy it!


I LOVE burritos but sadly there aren’t many places that do gluten free tortillas, so I’ve been sampling the alternatives around London and Poncho8 is the winner so far.


Unlike the Chilango, Poncho8 has a handy allergens list so it’s easy to choose what to have in your burrito box.

On my most recent visit to the New Street Square branch, I went for spicy pork with tomato rice, peppers and onions (instead of beans), salad, grated cheese, jalapenos, medium and hot sauce, finished off with a sprinkling of fried chorizo bits.

It may not look pretty but it tastes incredible!

Poncho8’s spicy pork is my absolute favourite filling. It’s so tender having been marinaded overnight, rich in flavour and mildly spicy. I also love that Poncho8  does fried chorizo as an extra, it really adds to the already deep flavour of the pork and even though it’s an extra £1, it’s totally worth it.

I highly recommend Poncho8 if you’re after a really tasty, filling lunch without any gluten worries. The food here also works miracles on hangovers. Enjoy!


Only a few days after discovering Eat’s gluten free offering, Leon comes along raises the bar. Pretty much everything on Leon’s menu is gluten free. Seriously, even the puddings!

Overexcited by the quantity of gf options available, I ended up buying far too much for lunch today – Thai green chicken curry ‘hot box’, baked fries (with chili sauce) and a billionaire’s shortbread.

The hot boxes are enormous, great at value for 6ish quid. The Thai green curry itself was creamy and flavoursome without being overbearing, it also comes with a fresh salad made up of cabbage and peas (kind of like a slaw but without mayo).

The fries and billionaire shortbread were an unnecessary but delicious edition to lunch and I’ll certainly be buying them again but maybe on a hangover next time rather than as a side to an already very filling meal.

The menu on the Leon website shows you which items are gluten free (and low in saturated fat, low glycemic load, wheat free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, contains nuts) and goes in to detail about the ingredients in each, including allergens and calorie information. This is definitely one of the most thorough and useful websites I’ve seen.

Leon – thank you for being so great at creating fresh, healthy (minus the fries and cake) tasty gluten free food. You’ve made me a very happy coeliac, lunchtime on the high street is really starting to look up.



I must admit I rarely bought my lunch from Eat even before my diagnosis but today I was in a rush in an area with little diversity, so I popped in hoping they’d be a salad I could have.

First of all, I just want to say well done to Eat! They might be the only big chain who have made it really easy for a coeliac to identify what exactly is gluten free or not.

Each item, for which there are plenty is clearly labelled with a large ‘I’m gluten free’ sign, when usually you have to examine the ingredients carefully before knowing what’s what.

I chose the hot smoked salmon and potato salad, which is mini but only £2.99. You get plenty of deliciously smoked salmon and a really filling salad made up of potato, muki beans, peas and leafs. The only downside was that the Dijon dressing was way too oily for me. Not the end of the world though.


Unfortunately Eat’s website doesn’t tell you which of the salads are gluten free but you can probably work it out from their list.

I’ll certainly be getting my lunch from Eat more often now, next on my list is their miso and tahini beef.



After posting about my disappointing outing to La Polenteria, I got a tweet from Coori suggesting I try out their new gluten free deli in Broadway Market, Tooting.

So on Saturday, having finished a tough 10k in Southwark Park, I headed to Tooting Broadway for some much needed refuelling.

After wandering around the market for a while, we finally found the Coori deli just as my ‘hanger’ peaked and was delighted by the range of pasta, breads, cakes, beers etc on offer.

I had one of Coori’s cheese burgers and my friend James ordered a mix of ham and cheese tortellini and spinach and ricotta ravioli.


The burger was absolutely delicious, juicy, massive and topped with roasted vegetables, rocket and cheese, one of the nicest burgers I’ve ever had! I tried James’ pasta too and it was definitely the best gluten free pasta I’ve eaten, and certainly level with the posh packets of fresh filled pasta you get from Waitrose or Marks.

Still hungry from my race, we decided to have some apple bunt cake (made with buckwheat) for pudding. It was light, spicy and moist and served with cream.

2016-05-15 10.08.56

I can’t recommend Coori enough, the quality of their products are second to none and the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I’ll definitely be back for lunch again soon and after I’ve finished with this, I’m going to order some goodies from their ‘free-from’ online store.

If you’re coming from Tooting Broadway tube station, you can find the Coori deli in the first section of the market, the entrance just before you reach Aldi on Tooting High Street.

Thanks to James for taking the photos using his superior phone.


My coeliac friend Ed warned me that finding decent gluten free lunches was nearly impossible and he was right. From what I’ve seen, the majority of takeaway lunch options available in regular shops contain wheat. So I couldn’t contain myself when I found out that the whole Pho menu is suitable for coeliacs!


I work near the Covent Garden restaurant which has a handy ‘Pho To Go‘ hatch for those looking for a takeaway meal. You just order, give your name and wait (approx 5 mins) for a deliciously, fresh Vietnamese lunch. The service is always excellent and the food tastes great.

It’s a little on the pricey side at £7.25 for a chicken and prawn Pho Xao and £7.50 for the king prawn Bun but is totally worth it for a pay day treat. Plus they do a loyalty card – buy 9 get the 10th meal free – I’m 4 away from a freebie already!

I highly recommend Pho for all gluten free-ers!