Street Monkey

As I travel a lot for work, I sometimes don’t have time to cook myself dinner and so rely on ready meals to see me through. Not the most healthy of habits, so I was delighted when I came across Street Monkey whilst browsing Sourced Market in St Pancras.


Street Monkey meals come as a set of three tiffin boxes, which include a curry, a side and a rice. Best of all, they are gluten, wheat, dairy free, are made with no artificial ingredients and use ethical meat.

I went for the Spicy Goan Coconut Beef curry set, which comes with a side of Chennai Aloo (chickpea and potato in a tomato sauce) and pea pilau rice.


You stick them all in the microwave for a few minutes and voila…your Indian feast is ready to eat.

IMG_20170709_172423 (1)

This Street Monkey meal was one of the best ready meals I’ve ever had. The sauce was rich and spicy and the beef was better quality than in some restaurants I’ve been to. I’ll certainly be buying one of these again.


Busaba Eathai – Deliveroo

Every Sunday hangover deserves a takeaway, so this week having noticed Busaba Eathai was now available for me on Deliveroo, I decided to treat myself to some Thai food.

Busaba handily indicates which dishes are gluten free on their menu, which makes it very easy – helpful when you’re feeling a little worse for wear.

I ordered the fish cakes with cucumber and peanut relish, green chicken curry, steamed jasmine rice and prawn crackers. It arrived about 25 minutes later, still piping hot.


As I served up, I was a disappointed with the curry’s sauce to chicken ratio, it was so wet the rice completely drowned and it only had about two pieces of chicken in it.

The fish cakes were average at best – greasy, rubbery and the dip was just sweet chilli sauce rather than the cucumber and peanut relish promised.

The curry itself tasted really good despite being mainly sauce, creamy and rich with a mild spice and the chicken was tender and juicy. Supposedly it should have contained aubergine as well but there was no sign of any.

Overall it did the job and helped me on my way to recovery but it’s weird that I can get Busaba in my area because there isn’t a restaurant anywhere near. I have a feeling they are letting a local kitchen cook on their behalf, which would explain why corners were cut and ingredients missed.

Again, if you want to try it for yourself you can get £5 off your first Deliveroo order by using my invite link: 

Motu Indian Kitchen – Deliveroo

I’d heard great things about Motu Indian Kitchen from other food bloggers so when I was faced with another freezing night, I thought I’d give it a go.

Indian food tends to be pretty good for gluten free options but it’s rare to find the allergens shown on the menu. Motu does though and all of the mains and most of the sides are gluten free – hurrah!!

I went for the Madras Prawn Masala, plain rice, poppadoms and a side of Kachumber Raita.


It arrived really quickly (big thanks to the very cold Deliveroo cyclist) so was still piping hot. At first I was a little worried about the portion size as it looked a bit small but I was just being a pig, once I plated it up it was the ideal amount for one.

The curry itself was amazing! Rich, flavoursome with just the right amount of spice. The kachumber raita was lovely – fresh and cooling unlike the usual bright green crap you get at bog standard takeaways.

Honestly this was one of the best Indian meals I’ve ever had, from a takeaway or a restaurant!

Motu is delivery only using Deliveroo and has kitchens in Camberwell and Battersea. So if you live in the area, I’d highly recommend you try it out. If you’re new to Deliveroo, you can get £5 off your first order by using my invite link: . Enjoy! 


I’ve been a loyal customer of Dishoom since the first restaurant opened on St Martin’s Lane in 2010. Six years later and now a reluctant coeliac, I’m still as dedicated as a ever.

On Saturday, after walking the Parkland Walk, me and my friend Matt decided to refuel at the Kings Cross restaurant – the first time I’ve visited since d-day.

Miraculously there was no queue (probably because it was 3.30pm) and we were seated straight away. I asked for the gluten-free menu and was presented with one that highlighted everything gf and everything that could be modified (a sign of a great restaurant). Pleasingly there were lots of options, so we ordered lots of food:

  • Dishoom chicken tikka – OMFG
  • Gun powder potatoes – how I’m going to do all potatoes from now on
  • House black daal – not a fan of daal usually but this one is so good I make an exception
  • Chicken ruby – rich curry with a lovely warm kick
  • Kachumber – fresh salsa, perfect contrast to a spicy curry
  • Garlic naan (Matt’s order) – Me: is your garlic naan nice? Matt: Yeah, very.

The food and service never fails to impress and restaurants themselves are something to behold. If you don’t believe me, Dishoom even beat Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner to top Yelp’s best restaurant in the UK list!


Only a few days after discovering Eat’s gluten free offering, Leon comes along raises the bar. Pretty much everything on Leon’s menu is gluten free. Seriously, even the puddings!

Overexcited by the quantity of gf options available, I ended up buying far too much for lunch today – Thai green chicken curry ‘hot box’, baked fries (with chili sauce) and a billionaire’s shortbread.

The hot boxes are enormous, great at value for 6ish quid. The Thai green curry itself was creamy and flavoursome without being overbearing, it also comes with a fresh salad made up of cabbage and peas (kind of like a slaw but without mayo).

The fries and billionaire shortbread were an unnecessary but delicious edition to lunch and I’ll certainly be buying them again but maybe on a hangover next time rather than as a side to an already very filling meal.

The menu on the Leon website shows you which items are gluten free (and low in saturated fat, low glycemic load, wheat free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, contains nuts) and goes in to detail about the ingredients in each, including allergens and calorie information. This is definitely one of the most thorough and useful websites I’ve seen.

Leon – thank you for being so great at creating fresh, healthy (minus the fries and cake) tasty gluten free food. You’ve made me a very happy coeliac, lunchtime on the high street is really starting to look up.